Scared to buy a home

Are you scared to buy a home? [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Some Highlights: Many potential homebuyers believe they need a 20% down payment and a 780 FICO® score to qualify to buy a home. This stops many people from even…

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Nashville Rents Have Skyrocketed

Rents Have Skyrocketed in the Nashville Area

Much has been written about how residential real estate values have increased since the housing market started its recovery in 2012. However, little has been shared about what has taken…

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hot housing market

Homes Are Selling Quickly [INFOGRAPHIC]

  Some Highlights: Homes across the country are selling quickly, in an average of just 31 days. 49% of homes sold in less than a month.

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3 reason to use a real estate pro

3 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Pro

If you’re searching for a home online, you’re not alone; lots of people are doing it. The question is, are you using all of your available resources, and are you…

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