8 Reasons to love and hate Nashville

Moving to Nashville? 8 Reasons Why You Will Have a Love & Hate Relationship with Nashville

 Download the Homescout app and use VIP code: 0832 http://tinyurl.com/vipcode0832 Sign up here for a free daily list of rental properties available in the Nashville area: http://tcpros.co/o72NM In this…

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Budgeting for rent

How Much Should You Spend on Rent?

One of the most exciting parts of becoming an adult is moving out of the house and starting your own life. However, as is the case with most major life…

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apartment for rent

Nashville Rent Continues to Rise

Nashville Rent Continues to Rise While the housing market continues to experience a slowdown in home sales and price appreciation, new data from Zillow suggests the rental market is heating…

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Why You Should Not Use Zillow!

 Why You Should Not Use Zillow to find a house in Nashville In this video, I’m going to talk about why you should not be using Zillow to look…

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