How to buy a house self employed without tax returns – Use your bank statements.

How to buy a house self employed without tax returns


Learn how to buy a house using your bank statements.

In this video I explain how to secure a mortgage using your bank statements instead of your tax returns.

When you are self employed, it is difficult to qualify for a mortgage because usually tax returns are required in order to determine your income and your debt-to-income ratio.

I have found a lender who is licensed in 20 states (sorry no Georgia at the moment) who can do a bank statement mortgage loan up to 90%.

Alonzo Edwards HomeTown Lenders 888-714-8665 – office

Mr. Alonzo also has a program for self employed/hustler borrowers which can use a CPA prepared profit and loss statement to qualify you for the mortgage as well.

Please feel free to give him a call and see what do you need to become a real estate investor or homeowner as a self employed person.

Buying a House When Self Employed

How to Calculate Income When Self Employed:

What to do Before Getting a Mortgage:

How to Qualify for a Mortgage:

Buying a House When Self Employed:

What is a Good Credit Score to Buy a House:

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