How to get the best credit score possible – ScoreMaster

How to get the best credit score possible

How to Get the Best Credit Score Possible

In this video, I explain how to get the best credit score possible by using ScoreMaster.

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ScoreMaster gives you your TransUnion Vantage score daily. You can update this report each and every day as changes are made to your credit report so you can see the impact on your score.

Included in your subscription is a monthly 3 bureau credit report which gives you not only the TransUnion credit report but it also includes your Experian and Equifax credit reports too.

Make sure you take advantage of the $1 million dollars in identity theft protection that covers your entire household. Most other services like Lifelock charge anywhere from $30-$40 per person per month so you can save money and protect your family at the same time.

Dispute any negative credit items directly with your creditor through ScoreMaster. Don’t waste time sending paper letters through the mail to the credit bureaus.

Ask for corrections and deletions in ScoreMaster and those items are sent directly to your creditors, which saves you time and aggravation and postage.

Follow the roadmap in the Score Builder over 120 days to hopefully reach your target score and see what steps you need to instantly boost your credit score with the Score Booster.

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