How to Buy a House with Cash Offer – How to Buy a House for Cash. Buying a house in 2021.

In this video, I explain how you can buy a house with cash offers. In this seller’s market in 2021, a lot of buyers are getting beat out constantly by institutional cash buyers like Zillow and Open Door or local real estate investors.

Once you are approved for this program, you become a cash buyer like other investors. You can then truly compete for a home against these huge companies to secure your new home.

This program is currently available in certain areas in TN, GA, FL, and TX.
Nashville, TN – Atlanta, GA – Jacksonville, FL – Orlando, FL – Sarasota, FL – Tampa, FL – Dallas, TX

Here is the link to my website to apply for this cash buyer program:

Visit my website at and
Or download the HomeScout App from your app store and use my VIP code 0832 to search the Nashville MLS.

Rhonda Burgess

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