Should You Pay for Credit Repair? – How to Fix My Credit Myself

The question is should you pay for credit repair? In my opinion, No. You wrecked your credit yourself and you should fix that train wreck yourself.

I am often asked by my subscribers if I think they should pay for “credit repair”. I have messed up my own credit before the took my credit score all the way down to a 475 credit score.

I finally got myself together and took the time to repair my own credit and now I’m back up to a 724 credit score. I did this myself and this is something that you can do yourself. I just don’t see any reason to pay for something you can do if you just take the time to do it yourself.

I have some resources on my website that you can use to not only get your credit report but also plan out how you will repair your credit without paying anyone each and every month to do it.

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