Why You Should Not Use Zillow!

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Why You Should Not Use Zillow to find a house in Nashville

In this video, I’m going to talk about why you should not be using Zillow to look for a house in Nashville.

Hey, I’m Rhonda Burgess, Nashville real estate broker here in Nashville with Southern Living Realty and I’m a native Nashvillian.

Now I’ve been doing a series for “Moving to Nashville” because we’re getting people here all over the place.

And even if you’re not moving into Nashville, for people who are here already here in Nashville who are looking for a house, let me explain to you why why you don’t want to use Zillow to look for a house.

First of all, our multiple listing service here in Nashville, it’s called Realtracs. Realtracs stopped syndicating our listings to Zillow several years ago.

We haven’t sent listings to Zillow for years simply because as a Realtor, we have the information. We have the information everyone’s looking for in the multiple listing service.

So when we give that information to Zillow, Zillow was then turning around and selling the information back to the Realtors.

It just didn’t make good sense.

And a lot of times we get complaints about Zillow because the information was so outdated.

You may be looking at houses that have already sold. Especially if you’re looking at sold data data like you’re looking to sell your house.

You may see data on there that’s 3 to 4 (years old). I’ve seen some that’s 6 years old and that is totally irrelevant to the market and to what’s going on right now.

It just makes no sense.

So what I use here in Nashville for anybody who wants to search the most up to date listings, whether it’s new construction , existing homes, or whether you’re selling a home and you want to see the sold data.


Homescout App

I have my own app over at HomeScout and I’m going to put a link down below that you can download for free.

It doesn’t cost you anything. Nothing at all.

You put in your name, your email address, your phone number if you want to, I think. I think you have to put in the name and the email. I don’t think you’d have to put in your phone number.

It’s gonna link you directly to the MLS to Realtracs and the listings are updated every 15 minutes.

You can search on it 25,000 times a day, doesn’t matter. And that goes for the sold data too.

Unlike other places where you may want to search, like maybe you’re using Trulia, or you’ve been going to different agents’ websites and everything. I’m not going call you and bug you. I’m not going to call you and worry you.

You can save your favorites. Save them. Do whatever you want to do with the app.

When you ready to go see something and you want to go in person, call me. My number’s on there and my name was going to be all over it. All over it.

I’m not going to bug you because I know how it was when I was looking for my house, my first house.

I don’t want, I don’t want people calling me, you know, cause I go on this site, then this person calling me or I go on this site and I’m getting emails from this person, that person.

No, I’m not going to do that.

Homescout App

You can feel free to download the app, use it as long as you want to. And then when you’re ready, you give me a call.

I will be glad to show you anything, any listing that you see that’s available.

I’ll get you the latest information on it, even if it’s new construction.Because a lot of the new construction homes and new construction builders, and the agents on site do not put hardly any information into the MLS.

This is why you need your own representation when you go to buy a house. But that’s another video for another time.

But anyway, I just want to let you know that again, you’re not going to see the latest listings in Zillow because we our MLS does not syndicate to Zillow.

I’m going to put the information down below where you can get my HomeScout app and download it and look at whatever you want to, save whatever you want to.

And again, nobody’s going to harass you and be calling you and all that good stuff. I don’t do that.

When you’re ready, you’ll call. And I’ll be glad to show you any listings out there.

Again, my name is Rhonda Burgess and I’m a real estate broker here in Nashville, Tennessee with Southern Living Realty Partners.

And I look forward to working with you soon. My number is (615) 554-0832 thank you for watching my video and have a blessed day.

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